Scheduling Visa Appointments

Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter another country must first obtain a visa, either a visa for temporary stay or a visa for permanent residence. Applicants for visas are required to appear in person for an appointment at a Visa Application Center (VAC) or visa interview at an Embassy or Consulate. Sofyt Agency Limited helps applicants to procure, change or cancel these appointments

Educational Advisory Services

Sofyt is a strong advocate of people receiving the best education available globally. We have a worldwide reach in education consultancy. We have education partners in every continent and help our clients find the best schools abroad that is suitable for their personal circumstances .

Application Form

We deploy adequate resources into ensuring that our clients data are completed online with error free details .

Document Evaluations

We ensure that our clients attend their visa interviews with the right documents. We suggest and evaluate documents


We offer complete guidance and expert personalized advice to visa applicants, which help applicants have a seamless visa processing and increase their success rates in procuring visas, we do mock interviews to enhance applicants' confidence and create awareness about exactly what is expected of them at the embassy/consulate, we also give valuable advice to visa applicants on the correct visa documentation.

Appeal of Wrongful Visa Denial

We help our clients to look carefully at the reason for visa denials and address them during reapplication and vigorously present our clients’ point of view at embassies that have appeal procedures

Completing Online Visa Form

We assist applicants in completing their visa forms online or manually, we ensure that forms are filled accurately and that the correct responses are given to the questions asked by embassies

Foreign Medical Advisory Services

We provide our clients with sound and precise advice for medical tourism and help with contact and appointments of health institutions abroad and also advise clients on the proper visa application procedures


We represent major foreign and local insurance institutions to provide adequate travel, health and student insurance to our clients