Sofyt Agency Limited is a company based in Lagos, Nigeria that specialises in Foreign Education advisory services, Visa consultancy and Immigration services. Many Nigerian parents wish to invest in their children’s future by giving them valuable education. At Sofyt Agency, we help parents achieve this goal by placing their children in schools that are perfectly suited for all parties involved. Our number one priority is always the child and his/her needs. We take the student’s personality, parent’s income, and future ambition into account in order to select a school that gives the child the best opportunity to thrive.

Canada, United Kingdom, United States are top destinations of choice for Nigerian parents when it comes to education. In the past, we have been successful in helping parents place their kids in Pre-varsity Institutions,Colleges and Universities in these countries. Our motto in doing this is " In the Interest of the child" The child's interest is paramount in our Education advisory services. At Sofyt Agency Limited, our job is to serve as the middleman between the student and the educational Institution in general. We assist the student in finding a suitable school, reach out to the school in question ontheir behalf, and assist with the process and find suitable accommodation for the student. We also assist with the logistics of visa application and travel tickets thereby providing a total travel solution.